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Phillip Briggs Jr.

Phillip Briggs Jr.
Francis Cooke + Hester Mahieu
John Cooke + Sarah Warren
Mary Cooke + Philip Taber
John Taber + Susannah Manchester
Joseph Taber + Abigail Sawyer
Ichabod Taber + Elizabeth Lawton
Patience Taber + Jabez Jenks
Isaac Taber Jenks + Celestina Luther
Celestina Jenks + George Dexter Briggs
Charles Bliss Briggs + Maria Burnham Hodge
ParentsPhilip Mueller Briggs Jr

Francis Cooke + Hester Mahieu
Jacob Cooke + Elizabeth Lettice
Sarah Cooke + Robert Bartlett
Hannah Bartlett + Eliezer Churchill
Josiah Churchill + Patience Harlow
Samuel Churchill + Elizabeth Churchill
Samuel Churchill Jr + Nancy Covington
Jacob Churchill + Maria Mosher
Julius Churchill + Zilpha Whorf
Carrie Lee Churchill + Amos Frank Carpenter
Marcia Gilbert + Philip Mueller Briggs Jr


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