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Barbara Tucker


Francis Cooke and Richard Warren
2. John Cooke Married: Sarah Warren
3. Sarah Cooke Married: Arthur Hathaway
4. Mary Hathaway Married: Samuel Hammond
5. Seth Hammond Married: Mary Mercy Randall
6. Seth Hammond Married: Elizabeth Lombard
7. Adna Hammond Married: Edward Eldredge
8. Barnabas Eldredge Married: Theodosia Wadsworth
9. David Eldredge Married: Sally Swift
10. Nancy Eldredge Married: Philip Henry Platner
11. Barnabas Platner Married: Olive Newton
12. Irene Platner Married: Ernest Slater
13. George Slater Married: Martha Dean
14. Barbara Slater Married: Walter Tucker


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