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Robyn Tucker Fountain Burns

1. Francis Cooke m. Hester Mahieu
2. Mary Cooke m. John Tomson
3. Mary Tomson m. Thomas Taber
4. Philip Taber m. Susannah Tucker - removed from MA to N.J.
5. Noah Taber m. Meribah Wilcott/Wolcott
6. Jesse Taber m. Elizabeth Wood - removed from N.J. to New Brunswick, Canada
7. Jesse Taber m. Mary Vaughn
8. John Vaughn Taber/Tabor m. Leah Wilson
9. Ezra Frost Tabor m. Mary Ann Marston
10. Ida Belle Tabor m. William Bertram Hamilton Clark
11. Mildred Juanita Clark m. Ronald Oswald Fountain
12. Gordon Stuart Fountain m. Robertine Lois Tucker
13. Robyn Tucker Fountain Burns


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