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Javan Ray Callison

(14) Javan Ray Callison son of
(13) Kenneth Robert Callison Jr. m Bethany Dale Stice, he son of
(12) Kenneth Robert Callison m Sandra Diane Farish, he son of
(11) Wilbur Callison m Gladys Marie Hirst, he son of  
(10) Mary Emily Macumber m Emory Victor Callison, she daughter of
(9) Andrew A. Macumber m Elizabeth McKibban, he son of 
(8) John A. Macumber m Emily Huntley, he son of 
(7) Alexander Macumber m Esther Anderson, he son of 
(6)  Constant Macomber m Mary (Earle) Hicks, he son of 
(5) Phillip Macomber m Margaret Potter, he son of
(4) John Macomber married Bethiah Taber, she daughter of
(3) Phillip Taber and Mary Cooke, she daughter of
(2) John Cooke and Sarah Warren
John son of (1)Francis Cooke, Sarah daughter of (1) Richard Warren 


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