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Judith Ann Read Elfring


1. Francis Cooke
2. Jacob Cooke and Damaris Hopkins
3.Martha Cooke and Elkanan Cushman
4.Joseph Cushman and Susanna Shurtleff
5.Susanna Cushman and Benjamin Shurtleff
6.Benjamin Shurtleffand Abigail Atwood
7. Flavel Shurtleff and Lucy Allen
8. Lucy Allen Shurtleff and Andrew Read
Carleton Allen Read and Abbe Mitchell Creech
Lawrence Mitchell Read and Dorothy Leona MacDonald
Judith Ann Read and Bernard Joseph Elfring

1. Francis Cooke
2.Jacob Cooke and Damaris Hopkins
3.Francis Cooke and Elizabeth Latham
4.Susanna Cooke and James Sturtevant
5.Caleb Sturtevant and Patience Cushman
6.Sarah(Sturtevant)Whitman and Jacob Mitchell
7. Josiah Whitman Mitchell and Sarah Angier
8.Josiah Angier Mitchell and Susan Rachel Kelsey
Sarah Abbe Mitchell and George Freeman Creech
Abbe Mitchell Creech and Carleton Allen Read
Lawrence Mitchell Read and Dorothy Leona Mac Donald
Judith Ann Read and Bernard Joseph Elfring


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