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Ann-Marie Cook-Erwin

1. Francis Cooke m. Hester Mahieu
2. John Cooke m. Sarah Warren
3. Sarah Cooke m. Arthur Hathaway
4. Thomas Hathaway m. Hepsibah Starbuck
5. Mark Hathaway m. Thomas Kempton
6. David Kempton m. Elizabeth Gifford
7. Ruth Kempton m. Ichabod Norton
8. Ichabod Norton m. Sarah Carter
9. Mary Lindsey Norton m. John Norton Luce
10. Henrietta Marietta Luce m. Joseph Grendell
11. Clara Crocker Grendell m. Leonard George White
12. Esther Virginia White m. Oscar Atwood Cook
13. Donald Robert Cook m. Lucille Mary Believau
14. Ann-Marie Cook-Erwin m. David Erwin


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