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Laurie Gilman

1. Francis Cooke m. Hester Mahieu

2. Mary Cooke m. John Tomson

3. Hester/Ester Tomson m. William Reed

4. Mercy Reed m. Andrew Ford

5. Jacob Ford m. Sarah Pool

6. Joseph Ford m. Freelove Beal

7. Sarah Ford m. Phillip Hodges

8. Joseph Hodges m. Sobrina Grippen

9. George Wheaton Hodges m. Marana Manerva Pepoon

10. Charles Gilbert Hodges m. Martha Annis Roberts

11. Archibald Joseph Hodges m. Emma Mae Watkiss

12. Dorothy Ruth Hodges m. Edward Alexander Maitland

13. Patsy Ruth Maitland (Eldean-adopted by stepfather) m. Samuel Frederick Taylor, Jr.

14. Laurie Anne Taylor m. David Arthur Gilman


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