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Barton C. Janney

Your line of descent from Francis Cooke (if applicable):
2 John Cooke m. Sarah Warren
3 Sarah Cooke m. Arthur Hathaway Jr.
4 Thomas Hathaway m. Hepzibeth Starbuck
5 Capt. Jethro Hathaway m. Hannah West
6 Stephen Hathaway m. Abigail Smith
7 Humphrey Hathaway m  Abigail Smith
8 Alice Hathaway m Elisha Haskell
9 Francis Hathaway Haskell m Elizabeth Russell
10 Francis Hathaway Haskell m Dayse Carter Ketterlinus
11 Alice Burrage Haskell m Curtis Leedham Janney
12 Raymond B. Janney m Nancy Jane Roberts
13 Barton C. Janney


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