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Herbert Hardy Marshall

1. Francis Cooke m. Hester Mahieu

2. Jane Cooke m. Experience Mitchell

3. Elizabeth Mitchell m. John Washburn Jr

4. James Washburn m. Mary Bowden

5. Gideon Washburn m. Mary Perkins

6. Abraham Washburn m. 1st wife? 2nd wife Mary Weston

7. James Washburn m. Ruth Rice

8. Levi Washburn m. Patty/Martha Tubbs

9. Leonard F. Washburn m. Avilla Nutting

10. William Wallace Washburn m. Cleora Augusta Towne

11. Emma Angelia Washburn m. Joseph Marshall

12. Thomas Wallace Marshall m. Muriel Joy Paton

13. Herbert Hardy Marshall m. Martha Louise Petersen


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