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Joan Norstedt

Francis Cooke + Hester Mahiew
John Cooke + Sarah Warren
Hester Cooke + Thomas Taber
Esther Taber + Samuel Perry
Ebenezer Perry +Abigail Presbury
Mary Perry + Daniel Eggery
The above is proven
Deborah Eggery + Stephen Putnam
Clarrissa Putnam + Warren Wheeler (could really use some help
locating his birth place)
Denison S. Wheeler + Martha Pierce
Need more documentation for the three couples above
Elias Wheeler + Melissa Waite
Lois Wheeler + Frank Willoughby
Bonnie Willoughby + William Brady

John Taber + Susannah Manchester
Joseph Taber + Abigail Sawyer
Ichabod Taber + Elizabeth Lawton
Patience Taber + Jabez Jenks
Isaac Taber Jenks + Celestina Luth


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