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Donna Potter


1. Francis Cooke and Hester LeMahieu
2. John Cooke and Sarah Warren
3. Elizabeth Cooke and Daniel Wilcox
4. Mary Wilcox and John Earle Lydia Wilcox and Thomas Sherman
5. John Earle and Sarah Potter Josiah Sherman and Mary Potter Daniel Sherman and Mary Earle (parents of Daniel Sherman who married Susannah Earle - Daniel was a son of Lydia Wilcox and Thomas Sherman)
6. Susannah Earl and Daniel Sherman Mary Sherman and Benjamin Baker
7. Daniel Sherman and Rebecca Palmer Sarah Baker and William Harrington
8. Joseph Sherman and Mary Harrington (same for the rest of the line)
9. Sally H. Sherman and Joshua Coggeshall Brown
10. Mary Sherman Brown and Jeremiah Carpenter Potter
11. George E.O. Potter and Edith Eudora Larkin
12. Grandparents
13. Parents
14. Donna Potter


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