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Valeria Greenwood Rijnbeek

Francis Cooke m. Hester Mahieu
Jacob Cooke m. Damaris Hopkins
Francis Cooke m. Elizabeth Latham
Caleb Cooke m. Hannah Shurtleff
Ephraim Cooke m. Louisa Ring
Manasseh Cook,* 1st, m. Bethia Trask
Manasseh Cook, 2nd, m.  Anne Stevens
Manesseh Cook, 3rd, m. Althea Hemeon
George S. Cook m. Sarah E. MacKinnon
Clifford B. Cook m. Nora A. Barnett
Valeria J. Greenwood m. Hendrikus Rijnbeek

* The name spelling changed from Cooke to Cook with Ephraim's arrival in Nova Scotia.


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