2020 Are you Ready to celebrate?

400th Anniversary of the Voyage

2020 will mark the 400th anniversary of the voyage of the Pilgrims coming to America and founding the Plymouth Colony, so we are excited to commemorate this anniversary by sharing stories of our ancestors with the world.

Hooray !!!! 2020 Activities for CA Mayflower SocietyHooray!!!!  We Did It!  We received final approval to have a float in 2020 in the Rose Parade.

Rose Parade for 2020, would you like to work on the CA Mayflower Society Rose Parade float or possibility ride/walk the parade.  See  http://camayflower.org/index.php/activities/

We welcome your interest in the Francis Cooke Society and wish you success in tracing your ancestry back to Francis Cooke.

The Pilgrim Francis Cooke Society was formed in 2003.

Primary Objectives

To perpetuate the memory of Francis Cooke
To assist descendants of Francis Cooke in acquiring acceptable proofs of eligibility for membership in the General Society of Mayflower descendants
Also, membership to Pilgrim Francis Cooke Society, is based on related or not.

Application: *****

To apply to the Francis Cooke Society: Click Here fill out the application:  Thank you for your interest in the Francis Cooke Society.  Don’t forget there is a $10 application fee.


Everyone is eligible to join.  There is a one time $10 application fee. Application funds should be mailed directly to our FCS Treasurer: Dianna Saario, 40708 Balch Park Rd #A, Springville, CA  93265-9749.  Checks should be written to: Francis Cooke Society.

Otherwise, Applications need to be send to Dianna Saario preferably via email franciscooke559@att.net or snail mail (Dianna Saario, Francis Cooke Society, 40708 Balch Park Rd. #A, Springville, CA  93265-9749).   If you haven’t finished finding your lineage, I would be more than happy to assist you.  It would be helpful if you can tell me which person or generation you are having trouble making connections. Please email Dianna Saario at: franciscooke559@att.net

Discussion Forum

Click here to join on online sharing group.

Also, Facebook has a Francis Cooke Society where members discuss their genealogy.

Francis Cooke Sixth and Seventh Generation Project

Registrar, head of the 6th and 7th Generations Project, and Genealogy Coordinator:
Dianna Saario –  franciscooke559@att.net

Researching the sixth and seventh generations of Francis Cooke (looking at 8th generation children). All approved Mayflower members who are descended from Cooke are encouraged to send all pages of their approved membership application (with notations), or to send their information including sources on these two generations and 8th generation notes.

We are including these generations with the 8th generation child and their spouse.  We will not include any living persons for publication.  Please send a copy of your information to Dianna Saario, Francis Cooke Society, 40708 Balch Park Rd. #A, Springville, CA  93265-9749 or:   franciscooke559@att.net

General Society of Mayflower Descendants

If you are interested in Mayflower Society membership, please check with the Mayflower Society at the following website www.themayflowersociety.org

The Mayflower Compact

Francis Cooke – Will and inventory of his estate

7-Famous Mayflower Descendants

Famous Descendants of Mayflower Passenger Francis Cooke


Proven Mayflower Lineages

Pending Mayflower Lineages

Unproven Mayflower Lineages

Francis Cooke Society Newsletters  Please remember that email addresses in the older FCS Newsletters are outdated.

Links to Sites

Research Library

The main goal of the Research Library is to assist descendants of Francis Cooke in acquiring acceptable proofs of eligibility for membership in the General Society of Mayflower descendants. But we will also assist people in help of their genealogical pursuits of Early New England.

Contact Information
Email: franciscooke559@att.net

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