This membership form does work, it is fillable.  A great Francis Cooke Society Member has suggested that after filling out the application, do the following.

Per Mr. Coombs, “I notice if the cursor is placed on the white border outside the form itself (ex. to the left of the name Francis in the title) and then a right click on the mouse causes a drop-down menu to appear. This menu contains an option to save the form as a PDF.  All you have to do is first fill out the form and then save it as a PDF.  Now, you have a file containing the completed application that you can attach to an email.”

Again, thank you to Mr. Coombs.

Have a good day!  Don’t forget your $10 application Fee!!!

  1. Application
    – Submit at the end of the application doesn’t work. Please read instructions in the previous paragraph for alternate methods of printing/sending. You will have to copy the application (PDF) and send it email: or snail mail: Francis Cooke Society, Dianna Saario, 40708 Balch Park Rd #A, Springville, CA  93265-9749.