Famous Descendants

President Franklin D. Roosevelt.
Descendant of Francis Cooke and his son John Cooke. Franklin D. Roosevelt > Sara Delano > Warren Delano > Deborah Church > Deborah Perry > Samuel Perry > Ebenezer Perry > Esther Taber > Esther Cooke > JOHN COOKE > FRANCIS COOKE

Presidents George Bush, and George W. Bush
George W. Bush > George Bush > Prescott Bush > Flora Sheldon > Mary Butler > Courtland Butler > Samuel Butler > Sarah Herrick > Silence Kingsley > Samuel Kingsley > Mary Washburn > Elizabeth Mitchell > Jane Cooke > FRANCIS COOKE

Artist Cephas Thompson
Francis Cooke (1577)-Hester Mahieu
Mary Cooke (1626)-John Thomson (Tomson, Thompson)
Jacob Thomson (1662)-Abigail Wadsworth
Caleb Thomson ((1712)-Abigail Crossman
William Thomson (1748-Deborah Sturtevant
Cephas Thompson (1 July 1775)-Olive Leonard
(1775-1856) Artist–Portraits; Landscape.
His sons, Cephas Giovanni Thompson (1809-1888) and Jerome B. Thompson (1814-1886) also became prominent artists.

References: Pleasants, J. Hall, TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY YEARS OF PAINTING IN MARYLAND (Baltimore: Baltimore Museum of Art), 1945
Maryland Historical Society
Lineage documentation: Middleborough, Massachusetts Vital Records Volumes 1,Book 4, Part 1 – Births 1762-1800, Page 202, Book 7, Births 1796-1838, Page 315 and Page 328. Records from the OLD CEMETERY, MIDDLEBOROUGH, MASSACHUSETTS, page 217.

William Drew Washburn (1831) Representative and Senator from Minnesota
1. Francis Cooke (1577) – Hester Mahieu
2. Jane Cooke (1604) – Experience Mitchell
3. Elizabeth Mitchell (1628) – John Washburn II
4. Samuel Washburn (1651) – Deborah Packard
5. Israel Washburn (1683/84) – Waitstill Summer
6. Israel Washburn (1718) – Leah Fobes
7. Israel Washburn (1755) – Abiah King
8. Israel Washburn (1784) – Martha Benjamin
9a.Israel Washburn (1813) – Representative from Maine, 1851-1861), Governor of Maine (1861-1862), Involved in founding the Republican party.
9b.Elihu Benjamin Washburn (1816) – Representative from Illinois, Secretary of State under President Grant, Minister to France.
9c.Calwallader Colden Washburn (1818) – Congressman and Governor of Wisconsin, Major General in Union Army. Titan of Industry – flour from the mill he established is still sold today as Gold Medal Flour.
9d. William Drew Washburn (1831) Representative and Senator from Minnesota.

Bibliography: A Chapter in American Biography, New York. Macmillan, 1925.  Collections of the Minnesota Historical Society, (May, 1915): 816-17.

Mrs. Anna Mary Robertson “Grandma Moses”

Francis Cooke and Hester Le Mahieu
John Tomson and Mary Cooke
William Reed, Jr. and Esther Tomson
Hezekiah King and Sarah Reed
John King and Elizabeth Fenner
Hezekiah King and Mercy Thornton
William Alexander Robertson and Sarah King
Russell King Robertson and Margaret Shanahan
Anna Mary Robertson”Grandma Moses”, who married Thomas Salmon Moses

Moses: Application #19908 to the General Society of Mayflower Descendants, signed by the artist herself, plus primary sources cited therein; Anna M.R. Moses and Otto Kallir, ed;Grandma Moses: My Life’s Story(1952 ed.), pp.7-10,and MF6:1-28, 61-71, 94-95, 225-26, 562-563. John King(1730-1808) and his son, Hezekiah King(1755-1823) are listed in DAR Patriot Index, Cententenial Addition; vol. 2(1990)pp.1684-85.
Notable Kin vol. 2; Gary Boyd Roberts: pages 28 and 30.

(George) Orson Welles,1915-1985

His Francis Cooke lineage:
1.Francis Cooke (Hester le Mahieu)
2.John Cooke (Sarah Warren)
3.Elizabeth Cooke (Daniel Wilcox)
4.Susanna Wilcox (Jonathan Head)
5.Joseph Head (Bathsheba Palmer)
6.Jonathan Head (Ruth Little)
7.Jonathan Head, Jr.(Hepzibah Livermore)
8.Orson Sherman Head (Mary Jane Treadwell)
9.Richard Jones Welles (Mary Blanche Head)
10.Richard Head Welles (Beatrice Ives)
11.(George) Orson Welles,1915-1985;.

Based on information from Notable Kin,Volume Two,by Gary Boyd Roberts

Abel Head Pierce

A notable Francis Cooke descendant was Abel Head “Shanghai” Pierce,1834-1900, of the Rancho Grande. A Texas cattleman he introduced the Brahman cattle breed into Texas.

His Francis Cooke line:
1.Francis Cooke(Hester le Mahieu)
2.John Cooke(Sarah Warren)
3.Elizabeth Cooke(Daniel Wilcox)
4.Susanna Wilcox(Jonathan Head)
5.Joseph Head(Bathsheba Palmer)
6.Jonathan Head(Ruth Little)
7.Daniel Head(Hannah Davenport)
8.Hannah Phillips Head(Jonathan D.Pearce),.
9.Abel Head”Shanghai”Pierce,1834-1900,.

Based on information from Notable Kin,Volume Two,by Gary Boyd Roberts

Actor Richard Gere

His Francis Cooke lineage:
Actor Richard Gere > Homer Gere > Albert Gere > George Gere > Sarah Tewksbury > Lucina Fuller > Consider Fuller > Archippus Fuller > Sarah Wright > Adam Wright > Hester Cooke > Francis Cooke.

Source: Summer 2006 Society of Mayflower Decendants in Michigan

Beach Boys lineage of Francis Cooke.

1. Francis Cooke and Hester Le Mahieu
2. John Tomson and Mary Cooke
3. John Thomson Jr. and Mary Tinkham
4. Shubael Thomson and Susanna Parlow
5. John Thomson and Lydia Wood
6. Thomas Gifford and Lydia Thomson
7. Abraham Finney and Huldah Gifford
8. Uri Finney and Mary Graves
9. Eli Barnum Finney and Ellen C. Cogan
10.Albert Finney and Elnora Brass
11.Carl Arie Korthof and Ruth Edna”Betty” Finney
12.Murry Gage Wilson and Audree Neva Korthof
13. a. Brian Douglas Wilson b. Dennis Carl Wilson c. Carl Dean Wilson

Source: Beach Boys Mayflower connection. I got this from a compilation of 71 and 75 of royal Descents, Notable kin, and Printed sources. By Gary Boyd Roberts.

Actor Dick Van Dyke

Francis Cooke > Hester Cooke > Esther Wright > Isaac Tinkham > Nathan Tinkham > Isaiah Tinkham > Susannah Tinkman > David Lorenzo Child > Susan Child > Charles McCord > Hazel McCord > Dick VanDyke